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Cippix - Find, Analyze, and Understand Chemical Patents - the slick way


Cippix Database - The chemical patent universe at your hands

Cippix Database covers chemical entities, bibliography, and English, French, German, and Japanese full text of all published patent applications and granted patent from US, WO, EP, DE, CA, AU, GB, IN, JP, CN, KR, and RU since 1970 and is updated weekly.

Not fluent in Korean, Chinese or Russian. No problem in Cippix, as we provide not only the originila language content but als access to the best English machine translation.

Cippix Database contains about 20 Million patent documents, thus representing the most complete chemistry centric patent database.

Cippix multilanguage Chemical Content Recognition technology uncovers almost all chemical entities and translates them into searchable chemical structures fully automatically.

Cippix Database covers, thus, all sorts of chemicals: drugs, small molecules, polymers, natural products, dyes, peptides, starting materials, key intermediates, solvents, R-groups, radicals, catalysts from Pharma, Biotech, and chemical industry-relevant patent documents.


Cippix Navigator - Easy Patent Searching

Cippix Navigator combines exact structure search, advanced structure search, Markush search, and state-of-the-art similarity searches with fulltext and bibliographic document search.

With our user-friendly, intuitive, web-based interface you can browse efficiently through the whole chemistry-related industry-relevant knowledge from the past through now.

In addition to the classic desktop version of Cippix Navigator, mobile devices are fully supported by Cippix Mobile. You can try Cippix Mobile for free here. The commercial license is valid for both Cippix Desktop and Cippix Mobile.

Cippix Navigator uses advanced Chemical Information and Semantic Technologies and provides powerful types of searches including Chemical Structure Search, Chemical Name Search, Chemical Similarity Search, Keyword Based Search, Full Text Seach, Semantic Search, Document Similarity Search, and combinations of all these.

Cippix Navigator does not just display hit lists, it provides unparalleled structure and document analysis and reporting features.


Web access to Cippix Navigator is through certified secure connection.


Cippix View - Easy Patent Reading

Cippix View depicts fulltext with chemical structures identified in a smart hybrid view and makes patent reading fun.

All chemical structures of the Cippix Database are linked back to all documents and locations they were extracted from.

Therefore, you can jump from Cippix Navigator into Cippix View with just one click to see chemical structures combined with their context.


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